Paw Prints Through The Fence: 4 Durable Ideas For Dog Fences That Stop Frustrating Escapes

28 April 2019
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As any dog owner knows, it is frustrating to go look for your furry friend only to find out they have escaped. Having a good dog fence is one of the best ways to prevent escapes. You want to make sure that you have a durable fence that is designed for dogs and keep them in their kennel or the backyard. The following ideas will help you choose the best solutions for the design of a dog fence to stop your furry friends from escaping.

1. Covering the Ground at Fence Lines to Prevent Digging Under Fences

One of the most common ways dogs escape from enclosures is by simply digging underneath the fence. The digging is an instinct for a dog, so you want to prevent it near the areas where you have fencing installed. Use ground cover like gravel or a concrete pad to deter digging underneath the fence.

2. A Combination of Materials to Prevent Biting and Tearing Holes in Chain Link Fences

There are some determined dogs that will bite and chew their way through conventional fencing materials like chain link or wood materials. To prevent these problems, consider a combination of materials, such a partial-height brick or concrete wall to deter the chewing. If these materials are too costly, only use them in areas where your fence is most vulnerable to being damaged by the dog.

3. Choose Materials That Are More Durable and Harder for Dogs to Damage

If you are building a fence to keep your dog in the yard, you may not want to choose just any type of materials. For example, vinyl-coated chain link materials are easy for a dog to tear holes in and escape. Instead, choose materials like thicker gauges of galvanized steel if you are using chain link fencing. There are also other options like metal and wood panels or conventional wood fencing.

4. Harmless Electric Cable to Keep Furry Friends Away from The Fence Line

For some breeds of dogs, it may be difficult to deter their instinct to try to escape. Therefore, you may need a solution to keep them away from vulnerable areas of the fence line. Today, there are options for electrified cables that have just enough voltage to deter the dog from coming to close to the fence without hurting them.

These are some dog fence ideas that will help you keep your furry friends at home with durable dog fencing. If you have a problem with an escaping canine, contact a dog fence service contractor such as, and talk to them about these ideas to put a stop to the escapes.