Three Ways To Use Aluminum Fencing On Your Property

8 December 2018
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Fencing can do more than just establish the boundaries for your property. In fact, there are many ways to use fencing around your home. Aluminum fencing offers a durable and long-lasting option. It also comes in a variety of styles beyond just chain link. If you are considering adding a fence to your property, here are a few options to consider.

Security Fencing

While you might think of protecting businesses when you think of security fencing, it can be beneficial for private residences as well. Whether you own a home in a high-crime area or you own a home in a fancy part of town, security fencing can help keep unwanted visitors out. For this option, you'll want to consider a high fence with posts that are close together. You can choose a grid-style design in all-aluminum, or you can choose to have wood planks connect the posts for added privacy. The fence should be high enough to prevent people from climbing over, and it should have locking gates at each entrance. You can use a traditional keyed locking system, or you can incorporate your fence with your home's security system to add a keypad for pass code entry. In some cases, you might even choose a remote operating system and mechanical doors, which allows the gates to open with just the touch of a button.

Garden Fencing

Even if your backyard is already fenced in, an aluminum fence can help protect your garden. Keep your prize tomatoes or favorite rose bushes safe from family pets and other smaller animals with the fence by choosing an aluminum design with wood boards. This fence can be shorter, as it's not meant to keep people out. Consider a fence with intricate scroll work to bring the look of an English garden to your home. Be sure to add a gated entrance so you can work in the garden while still keeping animal invaders out. Your fencing contractor can help you build a system that features underground aluminum mesh to prevent rabbits and other burrowing creatures from digging their way in.

Play Area Fencing

If you want to make sure your little ones don't wander off in the backyard but you don't want to pay to have the entire property fenced off, consider adding a fence just around a designated play area. This option essentially turns part of your backyard into a park. Be sure to plan out the space so there is ample room for children to run around and play. If you already have a swing set or other play set installed in the back yard, your fencing service can use this as a guide when determining where to position the fence. Choose an aluminum fence with posts set apart wide enough for you to monitor your children, even if you aren't inside the fenced area. You can also have fun with this option by having the fence painted in bright colors.

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