Understanding Chain Link Fence Slats

1 June 2016
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Chain link fence slats, sometimes referred to as privacy slats, are designed to fit into the weave of your chain link fence, providing a solid barrier that blocks views into your yard. Additionally, they offer a greater degree of security, as they make it harder to climb or knock down a chain link fence. Understanding the different types of chain link fence slats, the benefits they offer, and how to take care of them can help you decide whether or not installing them on your chain link fence is the right choice for you.

Types of Chain Link Fence Slats

  • PVC Slats: PVC slats are made out plastic, which means that they are immune to rot and rust. Additionally, they can be made in a wide variety of different colors, which means that you can customize the appearance of your chain link fence very easily. PVC slats are installed vertically within your chain link fence, which is a fairly simple process that you can do yourself in very little time.
  • Aluminum Slats: Aluminum slats are an alternative to PVC slats that offer a greater degree of durability: they'll be able to withstand weather exposure and physical trauma without denting or bending. Additionally, aluminum is immune to rust, so you won't have to worry about cleaning or sealing your slats over time. Unlike PVC slats, aluminum can be repainted, so you can change the appearance of your slats whenever you want. However, they are slightly harder to install than PVC slats, since they go diagonally through the chain links
  • Hedge Slats: Hedge slats are actually made out of PVC, and thus share many of the same benefits. However, these types of slats are specifically designed to mimic the appearance and texture of foliage so that your chain link fence will blend into the hedges or trees which surround it. These are ideal for maintaining a natural aesthetic within your yard.

Maintaining Chain Link Fence Slats

The maintenance of chain link fence slats is fairly simple. For PVC and hedge slats, you should clean them with a mixture of warm water and mild detergent, as harsher chemicals can cause the color to fade. For aluminum, you should either use a specialized aluminum paint cleaner (so that the paint does not fade), or use a commercial cleaner on bare aluminum to restore its shine. Furthermore, check the bottom of the slats for signs of animal damage – if holes have been made in the slats, you should consider replacing the damaged slats.

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