Three Reasons To Consider Black Aluminum Fencing Instead Of Wrought Iron

2 March 2016
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Do you love the look of black, wrought iron fencing? It can certainly complete the look of a traditional home. However, wrought iron can be expensive and is hard to work with because it's so heavy. You can get the same great look with aluminum fencing that is made to look like wrought iron. Here's a look at three great reasons to pick aluminum over wrought iron.

It's more affordable.

A 100-foot wrought iron fence can cost you as much as $11,000 – and that's with a basic, walk-in gate. Aluminum fencing is more affordable. You can expect to pay about $2,700 for lower, less durable fencing, or more like $4,000 for a maximum durability fence. Costs vary widely based on region and specific fence style, so it's important to get your own estimates. However, you'll almost always find that aluminum is considerably more affordable than wrought iron.

It's easier to install.

Installing your own wrought iron fence is very difficult. Not only do you have to find a way to get the very heavy panels home, but you then need to be able to hold them upright while you put them in place. This is exhausting and can be dangerous if you don't know what you're doing. Aluminum is much lighter, which makes it much easier to transport and install yourself.

Even if you choose to have your fence professionally installed, this is an advantage. Your installer will spend less time with an aluminum fence, so your cost will be lower. More intricate patterns and designs may be possible with aluminum fencing that with wrought iron, since installing the fence is easier. Plus, you'll get to enjoy your new fence sooner.

It won't rust.

Iron fences develop rust over time. You can keep this rust at bay by treating the scrubbing the fence, but this takes work. Aluminum does not rust. You don't have to worry about painting it with anti-rusting agents or scrubbing away the red stuff. This saves you time and ensures your fence stays looking like new for years. You can also spray down your aluminum fence to clean it without worrying that the water exposure will cause the fence to rust.

Aluminum fencing is affordable, durable, and easy to install. If you want that traditional black fence look in your yard, talk to a fencing contractor like one from Hinesville Fence to learn more about why so many homeowners are now choosing aluminum over wrought iron.