Picking The Best Style Of Vinyl Fence For Your Yard

23 November 2015
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A fence provides privacy and protection to your home, while also being an element that helps with landscaping and decorative purposes. There are many different materials that you can pick from for a fence, but you may find yourself leaning towards vinyl because of its durability and little need for maintenance. The next step is selecting a style of vinyl fencing to have installed, and you'll want to pick the best style that meets your needs.

Panel Fencing

A panel fence is very popular because of the amount of privacy it provides. It is constructed with multiple pre-assembled vinyl panels that form a solid section of fencing. It also offers security, since the panel style is continuous, and it creates a barrier between a yard and the outside world.

Since panel fencing is manufactured in different heights, tall panel fencing can be installed to keep your yard private. Individual panels can be 6-8 feet tall, which makes it difficult for somebody to peer over it to see inside your yard.

Rail-and-Post Fencing

Rail-and-post fencing is designed like it sounds. Posts will be installed deep into the soil, with rails running between each post to help connect everything together. The fencing style provides you with definitive separation between a neighbor's yard and your own, but it lacks any privacy.

The fencing material is primarily decorative, since it's possible to see right through the gaps in the fence. It will also do a poor job at keeping critters out or small pets in for the same reason. The fencing style used to be for containing livestock where the need for privacy was minimal, which is why it can make a home feel rustic.

Lattice Top Fencing

This style combines many of the great aspects of the two previous fencing styles. The bottom of the fence is constructed just like a panel fence, which gives you some privacy and a solid structure that keeps your pets contained. The top portion is constructed in a lattice style that allows you to see through it, all while acting as a decorative element.

It is a great compromise if you need the security of panel fencing, but do not want to completely cut yourself off from your neighbors that you are friendly with. The fencing will also look less intimidating since it is not completely solid, adding a bit of warmth to your home.

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