Three Easy Tips For Increasing The Visual Appeal Of A Fence

22 September 2015
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A decorative fence is an asset to any yard, increasing the overall appearance of the home and often boosting the value of the property as well. However, when a fence is installed for other reasons, like security or privacy, it can be difficult to find the right balance between function and beauty. There are ways to have both, and they do not need to be expensive or difficult to maintain.

Decorate with Paint

Some communities have restrictions on the paint colors allowed to be used on homes or fences, but for most areas, people have the freedom to do whatever they would like. Why, then, are so many homeowners who choose to paint their fences only painting them white? Consider using other shades that complement the exterior color of the house. It is an almost instant makeover that can be done for very little money. Homeowners who worry that it may look overwhelming to paint the whole fence can still consider a mural. Another option is to stain alternating wooden slats in different shades for a subtle change.

Bring in Greenery

Plants and flowers brighten any space, inside or out. Hanging baskets can be draped on any style of fence or mount shelving and place a row of potted plants. Window flower boxes work equally well on a fence as they do under a window. If caring for the plants is too time consuming, consider artificial greenery instead, like artificial ficus panels. These panels look genuine, but require no maintenance. As many panels as the homeowner wants can be mounted in front of an existing fence, or used to replace the fencing itself. This greenery preserves privacy, while adding a fresh and natural touch.

Add Some Accessories

Just as plants can be added to a fence, so can other accessories. Anything can be used, as long as it can withstand the outside weather. Consider mounting decorative wall plaques, wreaths, or metal sculptures to the interior or exterior of the fence. Look for vintage advertising signs, as many of these were made to be displayed outdoors. For a simple touch, leave the fence plain and add a string of white Christmas lights across the top for a little after-dark drama.

There are an endless amount of ways to personalize and update a drab looking privacy fence.  It is a wonderful opportunity to be creative, without spending a fortune. By choosing something that will look appropriate with the decor of the home, a fence can become an eye-catching asset for the yard as well as the neighborhood. For more ideas, talk to a professional like Green Smart Decor.