How To Keep Your Dog From Chewing Your Wood Fence

6 August 2015
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If you have just had a wood fence installed on your property, and its main use is to keep your dog contained, you will most likely get pretty upset if you find your dog is chewing at the wood. Many dogs chew items because they are teething, bored, anxious or looking for attention.

If your dog chews at your wood fence, you will want to take the necessary steps in having them stop to keep them healthy and to keep the aesthetics of the fence on the positive side. Here are some steps you can use to stop your pet from chewing on your wood fence:

Distract Your Pet

One way to get your pet to stop chewing your wood fence is to distract them with other items. Place several toys out in the yard with your dog to try to keep them away from the fence as the explore new playthings. Make sure there are several bones or rawhide pieces that your dog may chew instead of the wood on the fencing. Make it a point to go outside with your pet often to play with them so they do not get bored enough to go to the fence. Keep your dog as calm as possible both inside and outside the home to help keep anxiety levels minimized.

Use A Deterrent

There are several deterrents on the market to help keep dogs from chewing items they should be staying away from. To avoid the risk of placing a chemical on your fence that could compromise the wood structure, stick with a homemade deterrent known to be safe for both your pet and your fencing. Mix equal parts of apple cider vinegar and water and spray directly on the areas of the fence where your dog frequently chews. The smell and taste of the vinegar will stop your dog from trying to chew the wood again.

Make Some Additions

If your dog will still not stop chewing at the wood, consider placing a line of gravel on the perimeter of the interior of the entire fence. This is not as desirable of an area for your dog to lie down upon to get to the bottoms of the panels. Another idea is to adhere metal pieces to the bottoms of the boards your dog seems to enjoy the most. This will stop the dog from ruining the wood any further and once your dog tries to chew a piece of metal, it may dissuade them to stop trying altogether.

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