How To Create A Wonderful Outdoor Play Area For Your Children

26 June 2015
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Have you decided to create an outdoor play area for your children? Whether you are building a brand new home or making changes in your present one, here are some ideas that may inspire you to design something unique and fun. 

Consider Planning A Secret Garden - When you plan your garden area, think about making a pathway out of bricks or flagstone that will lead to a magical children's play area. Consider mixing different sized bushes, succulents, herbs and flowering plants that lend themselves to a home for imaginary fairies. Encourage the children to make tiny furniture out of rocks, pieces of wood,sea shells, walnut shells, and anything else that comes from nature. The addition of tiny decorative gnomes and fairies would definitely be magical. In addition, think about placing a small table and chairs where the children can have tea parties and picnics.

A Hardscape Area - Consider including a concrete area where the kids can ride their tricycles, roller skate, play basketball and play volleyball. This would also be a good place to put a  table and benches or chairs so the children will have a place for picnics and other outdoor meals. Think about covering this area with an awning. Not only would it provide shelter from rain and the hot sun, but it would also be helpful in protecting skateboards and other play equipment.

Add Fencing - Consider adding a fence which would make for a very safe play area for your children, their friends, and family pets, if you have them. 

  • A wrought iron fence would be really attractive, and it would last for a very long time.
  • A wooden picket fence is another good choice. Though you would have to repaint it periodically, that would not be cost prohibitive.
  • A vinyl fence would be great because it would require very little upkeep and it would last a long time.
  • Think about getting a chain link fence to surround your children's outdoor play area. Not only are chain link fences very affordable, but you can install them yourself. If you have a professional do the installation, it won't take long for the job to be complete. Chain link fences are pretty much indestructible, so yours will be around for a very long time. Consider a fence that opens by both remote control or with a code that only trusted people know.

Best wishes on planning a great outdoor play area for your children.