4 Ways To Protect A Chain Link Fence From High Winds

9 March 2015
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If you live in an area with high winds, you may be concerned that your fence won't last. Chain link fences are the best option for those who frequently experience storms, but you still might have some concerns about their durability. Here are a few options you can discuss with your fence contracting company to improve your fence's stability. 

1. Install Concrete-Poured Posts

The best way to install a secure chain link fence is to pour concrete in the post holes to secure them properly. While you can simply bury the pole with dirt, doing so will not make it as stable. Concrete pouring is usually fairly simple and doesn't cost significantly more. 

2.  Use a Thicker Fence Wire

Fences come in a variety of wire thicknesses, known as gauges. The thicker the wire, the more stable it will be. Thicker wire is more expensive, but it will also last longer and will be less likely to be deformed by high winds. Thicker wire will also discourage security issues, such as people cutting through the wire, and will be less likely to break if it rusts or corrodes. 

3. Avoid Any Additional Fence Decor

Attaching anything to a fence in areas of high wind is generally a bad idea. This includes plastic privacy slats and wooden poles. These items of decor will catch wind and can pull down a fence. In very high winds, even something minor can cause problems. Moreover, these items can actually become very dangerous if they get picked up by the wind, and could cause either property damage or injury to those nearby. 

4. Add Bar Reinforcements

Bar reinforcements can be added midway up on the fence to ensure additional stability and to prevent the fence from collapsing during extreme weather conditions. You can also put up poles more frequently along the fence to improve stability even further. Adding reinforcements will increase the cost of the fence, but it will also increase the fence's longevity. Reinforcements can also be useful for those who have pets or security concerns.

Don't forget that everything lasts better when it is properly maintained. You should regularly inspect your fencing to ensure that it hasn't been damaged by wind. Any issues that you do encounter should be fixed as soon as possible so that the fence does not become permanently damaged or warped. Chain link fences can be quickly and easily repaired even when they are damaged, so they usually won't require any significant repair or maintenance expenses.

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