Holes In Your Aluminum Fencing? Here's How To Repair Them!

27 February 2015
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Do you have an aging aluminum fences that are beginning to rust? After many years, aluminum rusts and can leave holes in your fencing. Here, you will learn how to repair the holes in your aluminum fence and get a few more years of use from it.

To repair the holes in your aluminum fence you will need:

  • Dish soap
  • Bucket and water
  • Sponge
  • Sandpaper – fine-grit and coarse-grit
  • Steel clamp
  • Paint brush
  • Tin snips
  • Metal paint and paintbrush (spray paint can be used)
  • Propane torch

Catching holes before they have become large can make the repair process a lot easier. To repair small holes in your aluminum fence:

  • Fill the bucket with warm water with some dish soap. Use a sponge to clean the area of fencing that has the holes. Take your time to remove any dirt and debris from the fencing that could hinder your repair efforts. Rinse the area well.
  • If you notice sharp or rough edges around the hole, use the tin snips to trim them away. Allowing the rough edges to remain could cause the finished product look unsightly and bumpy.
  • Open the epoxy and mix it as directed. Carefully apply a thin coat of epoxy to the area. Do your best to create as smooth of a finish as possible during the application process to reduce the amount of work that follows.
  • Once the epoxy has cured, sand the area gently. Wipe away any dust that remains from sanding and let the area dry.
  • Apply a coat of metal paint to the area.

Once holes get big, your repair efforts will require a few more steps.

  • Prepare the area as you did for small holes – clean the area and trim the sharp or rough edges.
  • Measure the size of the hole in your fencing and cut a patch out of a sheet of aluminum. The patch should be roughly an inch larger than the hole itself.
  • Clamp the patch to the fence and use the propane torch to weld the patch to the fencing. Let the area cool for several minutes before continuing.
  • After the area has cooled, sand the area smooth first with coarse-grit sandpaper and finish using fine-grit sandpaper. Wipe away the dust from sanding and let the area dry.
  • Apply a coat or two of metal paint to seal the area and conceal the patch.

This repair will work well, but if your fencing has many, many holes in it, you may be better off investing in new fencing. Once aluminum has rusted extremely bad, the fencing can lose its strength and can begin to fail. Talk with your local fencing contractor to learn more about replacing your aging aluminum fencing.