Four Things You Will Want In Addition To Your Fence Installation

18 February 2015
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Having a fence installed for your home can give you a lot of benefits such as security and privacy, but you can also have more than just a fence. The addition of solar powered lighting on fence posts can add to your fence, or an electric containment system to prevent dogs from escaping can give you more from your fence installation. If you are having a new fence installed, here are four additional things that can improve the benefits of your fence:

1. Solar Power LED Landscaping Lights On Fence Posts

Solar powered landscape lighting can give you exterior light and add security to your home. It can also be installed on fence posts for a unique design. You may not want to have the panel visible, which you can wire the lights to the panels in an inconspicuous place to make them less noticeable. There are also flood lights available, which can be installed on the base of a fence instead of on the posts.

2. Electronic Animal Containment Systems For The Fence Perimeter

If you have dogs, cats or other domestic animals, you may want to keep them in the yard or away from your fence. An electronic animal containment system can be a great deterrent. These systems usually are 12 volt systems that give the animal a small shock to deter them from getting too close to the fence. These work well for dogs that get a small shock when they touch the fence. Cats will usually smell the magnetic field and not get too close to the fence.

3. Exterior Motion Detectors For Alarms Or Lighting

If you live in a city or somewhere where you are concerned about theft, you may want an exterior alarm system. You can use motion detectors to turn exterior lights on for more security. These can also be wired to a small interior alarm that will let you know when there is someone or something outside of your home. This is not only good for people, but may also be a good security device if you live in bear country and there are bear populations near your home.

4. Automated Gate Controls And Intercom Systems

If you have a fence and gate in the front of your home, you may want to know when someone is at your door. You can have automated controls for your gate installed with intercom systems. Some of the modern systems also have cameras, which will allow you to see who is at your gate before you open it. This can also be good for rural homes with gates that are further away from the home and if you have a need to know who is at the gate before you decide to open it.

These are some of the things that can benefit you when you have a fence installed. If you are planning on having a new fence installed, contact a fence contractor, like Reyes Fence, and ask them about some of these additional features.